Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘licensing’?

Aliro includes one basic license, and is activated by sending information to the Web Service Center to obtain an activation key.

How is the software delivered?

Software installation is simplified in easy steps, and is delivered on a DVD, or downloadable from the web service centre.

What sort of documentation does the system have?

The system provides on-line help as well as onboard guided tasks within the software to ease the use for both installer and end-user.

Which languages are supported?

Standard languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Czech, Russian

What are the system capacities and key figures?

The system can handle a maximum of 10 000 Users, 100 000 Cards and 512 Doors.

What hardware does the system use?

With its flat architecture, Aliro only requires an Access Point (AP) and card reader at each door it secures. The AP is used for controlling single door environments as part of the access control system. It can be configured from the web server via Ethernet or a combination of Ethernet and RS485.

Does it offer badge design and card printing?

Yes. It is possible to create your own badge design and save as a template for printing cards from within the free of charge software.

What does the remote system control do?

It makes it possible for an administrator to manage the system, unlock doors, check system status and alarms directly from the internet as well as the mobile app.

Aliro software runs through a web browser – which web browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer, minimum version 10(or later)
Mozilla Firefox, minimum version 1.15 (or later)
Please note that the web browser support for Windows 8 is for desktop mode only.

What rights are needed when installing the software?

Administrator rights are needed to install and remove the Aliro software on the PC/ Server.

Will the system function in an ‘off-line condition’?

Yes. The AP has the ability to work offline, and continues to make decisions.